Our Firm

How it all began

Castillo and Falconi Law, L.L.C. was founded by Gabriela Castillo and Melissa Falconi in 2016. Gabriela and Melissa met during their second week of law school and throughout their studies they became close friends. During law school, they always worked very well and effectively together, and despite going their separate ways after graduating in 2014, it did not take long for the two of them to work together again.

After working for other firms, they both felt the need to be the face of their business, and to be the person their clients reached every time they needed. The focus for Gabriela and Melissa was that they would “never bite more than they could chew”. The goal was to maintain the practice large enough to be able to assist all of their clients, and to provide the best possible customer service. Often, people complain their attorney is never available; that was exactly what Gabriela and Melissa wanted to avoid.

Their boutique firm caters to their clients on a one-on-one basis by providing the deserving attention each case needs. Although their firm continues to grow, their focus remains the same: to take just enough cases so that they can always give their best to every client.

We have been in a position where we have needed legal advice, therefore, we know the importance of needing help and guidance to understand the law. Gabriela and Melissa know the importance of needing help and guidance to understand the law, that is why they will walk you through your case and together they will find the best strategy for you.